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The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has begun the implementation of the International Gateway Measuring System (IGMS) in the country to strengthen LTA’s capacity to measure the quality of service of network operators, seal all revenue leakages, thereby increasing revenue for Government in the sector, and accurately audit the revenue gained from international traffic in order to have some control on the market.


The IGMS additionally helps to reduce fraud, ensure that consumers of telecommunications services in Liberia benefit from services being provided them in the sector, and strategically position the LTA to determine the volume of calls coming in and going out of the country, and accurately regulate how the market is being developed.


Speaking recently in Monrovia at the official launch of the National Association of Telecom Consumers (NATELCOM), the Acting Chairperson of the LTA, Commissioner Abdullah L. Kamara, disclosed that the measuring service will be capable of noticing, among other things, lapses such as drop calls during transmission in the functionality of GSM operators’ equipment.  


The International Gateway Measuring System will also help promote network efficiency and achieve quality of service for the benefit of subscribers.   It involves no monitoring of contents or telephone calls.   In any case, the mechanism lacks the capacity to do so anyway.    When fully established soon, the IGMS will serve as a tool to prevent fraud and leakages in the sector by rogue operators and individuals, and maximize the benefits of the sector for the Government and people of Liberia.


The Commissioner explained that the IGM system will not affect domestic subscribers making calls from Liberia to other countries.” 


The LTA Commissioner cited Mauritania, Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Central Africa Republic, Senegal, Madagascar, and Congo Brazzaville among many other countries that have adopted or plan to implement a similar system. 


In conformity with the appropriate LTA Regulations on International Traffic, GSM service providers would be obligated to ensure the proper functioning of the monitoring systems, allow LTA or any entity acting on its behalf, to install in the operator’s networks all the hardware and software necessary for the monitoring in real time of the international voice traffic managed by the network.   All network operators under the new regulations are also obligated to provide unrestricted access and connectivity to the LTA Traffic Measurement Systems.







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